Read Along with Shelly Anand

Sat, May 20, 2023
Greensboro Cultural Center GreenHill Center (2nd Floor)

Join children's book author Shelly Anand in a read along of her book I LOVE MY BODY BECAUSE. I LOVE MY BODY BECAUSE: Everybody has a body and every body is good. Your body takes you where you want to go. Your body is your first home. And your body is different from everyone else’s body! I Love My Body Because is a gentle and poetic picture book for the youngest readers about celebrating your own body and all the different, wonderful bodies that make up our world. Shelly's presentation will be followed by a "how-to" from Ready for Learning, Ready for Life on how to make reading fun and engaging for your kids.

About the authors

SHELLY ANAND is the Co-founder and Executive Director of Sur Legal Collaborative, an immigrant and worker rights nonprofit legal organization based in Georgia. The daughter of Indian immigrants and the granddaughter of refugees from the Partition of India and Pakistan, Shelly has been fighting for immigrants and workers in the Deep South for over a decade as a legal aid attorney, a litigator with the US Department of Labor, and an immigrant rights attorney. At Sur, Shelly shares her legal expertise around the Occupational Safety and Health Act and other federal labor laws with immigrants and working class communities and engages national advocacy efforts to stop the labor abuse to deportation pipeline, whereby workers are retaliated against by their employers for exercising their labor rights with calls to ICE and subsequent deportation. In addition to her legal work, Shelly is also a children's book author who writes books she wished she had growing up as a Brown girl in the Deep South. READ MORE ABOUT SHELLY