Read-along with Molly Felder

Sat, May 18, 2024
GreenHill Center for NC Art
Greensboro Cultural Center

Henry the Boy (ages 4 to 8) shows us that no matter how different we feel, we are all more similar than we at first appear. This is the story of an ordinary boy with daily struggles, triumphs, and an extraordinary imagination. Henry uses forearm crutches; he sometimes feels out of place at school, especially when he gets made fun of, but through his own rich imagination and special friendship, Henry learns to define himself on his own terms.


MOLLY FELDER has written several books including Henry the Boy and the Fantastic Freewheeler graphic novel series featuring characters with cerebral palsy (CP) just like her. She has a BA and an MA from New York University’s Gallatin School, where she studied creative writing and fiction writing. She is a Children’s Book Academy graduate and has attended two Revision Retreats with The Highlights Foundation.

Molly's CP can make it difficult for her to do things like open doors and pick up things she drops, so she has an assistant dog named Patterson who helps with her with those tasks. One of his favorite tasks is taking off her socks! Molly and Patterson were brought together by Canine Companions, which has matched disabled people with assistance dogs since 1975. LEARN MORE